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Sunday, 25 February 2018

MUSIC: Feiboky ft. Shadyblisz - Rise

As a result of the global rap music drastically getting drained of substance and inspiration,listeners,over the previous few years,especially in this side of the world,have been forced,so to speak,into perceiving the genre as boring,redundant and even dying.

However,the arrival of this dark, lean and tall cat seems to be rewriting a whole dark generational history with the ink of a smiling sunshine. His name is Feiboky,and this is his first official single. It has the REMEMBER singer, Shadyblisz,on the hook. Welcome to the rescue vessel.

 Download below and enjoy!

                                                           DOWNLOAD MUSIC

Download Mixtape: Dj Spicey - Hottest Mix | @DJSpicey


Dj Spicey 'Spicey Of The Party' is out with the "Hottest Mix" it's so dope that you will love to have on repeat & put on your dancing shoes....Kindly Download & Enjoy!


Exclusive Interview With Carol Jiani @Caroljiani2 @basebabaonline

1, How did you get started?

Thank you so much for interviewing me…It is amazing music was accidental. I came from a traumatic background.My dad was a polygamist and i was treated very badly by the woman that my dad had an affair with and abused by her family.

Long story short really when i started to fight back and knew that things were not right my dad thought it was best to send me away to live with my older sister in Washington DC..My sister the late Miriam Ikejiani Clark of Political Science Department and former minister of State FCT. and her husband at the time my brother in law the late… Dr Chuba Okadigbo was President Of The Senate Of Nigeria sometimes referred to as the OYI Of Oyi.

Now when Chuba’s younger brother John died in a car accident returning back to Virginia where he was studying medicine.. His death shook Chuba and he decided he had to return home to Nigeria.

Now when i was sent back to live with my dad i was still rebellious and fighting for my rights and mothers rights my dad then thought it was best to send me away to Montreal Canada.

It is amazing that people think just because one comes from a privileged background that things should be all roses noooooo.

Long story short my dad put me on on a plane and left me in Montreal where i continued in my education.Now my dad should have protected me. He did not he allowed the woman and her family to get away with the abuse. My dad did not support me i was then homeless in fact i reached out to the Maurice Cerullo Foundation and told them what happened and they did not help me. I looked older than my age i walked up and down St Catherine Street and explained to them what had happened. Now i started to perform at piano bars to secure a roof over my head and continue in my education. Well, i was part of the Drama Group at Concordia Universtiy and one day a producer came Mr Joe Lagreca gave me his card and i went to see him.

Now my God we then recorded my First Album that was released in my African name Uchenna Ikejiani….my Middle name is Carol…..Second Album Recorded The late Mr Glen Larusso came up with the idea that it would be best to Switch names and use my middle name because it would be easier to pronounce and call me CAROL JIANI. That was the making of Carol Jiani……I recorded the Hit And Run Lover Album that has now become a classic. Hit And Run Lover has become my signature song.

Simply music was accidental it became my most powerful tool for survival and that was how i started my career…ADA NDI IGBO “THE MAKING OF CAROL JIANI”

2, What made you realize that music was your path?

When i was younger my dad used to ask me to sing at parties and he was the one that introduced me to the Artist Millie Jackson..You know African Parents would show you off to their friends at parties but would say to you that you had to get your degree it had to be Medicine, Law or become and Architect….hahahahahaha so i guess the gift was placed in me really but it was when i was in trouble that my vocal ability saved me and i had to fight for survival and i knew that music was a powerful platform for surviving.

3, Who are your influences?

My influences God the late Teddy Pendergrass. Millie Jackson. Tina Turner. Fela…They just don’t make them like this anymore. In the good old days, we perfected our gifts by working hard…..

4, What makes your music unique?

As a Nigerian Recording Artist established in the West my music is unique in the sense that still following old school my songs have great melody lines..My vocals are far superior because i have been in the business for so long i perfected my gift and ….I sing live and i do not mime at shows..We must respect the fans because without the fans we would not be who we are.

The instrumentation and production are simply the best and classy….My music is uplifting and hey i can sing hahaha .

5, How long does it usually take you to write a song?

It depends it varies really one can write a song in 10mins it can take a year to perfect a song.
An example through the loss of my son Chuka that died from a rare form of Brain Tumour …It comes easy because of the pain i have so much to say to him …I have written songs since his death and it took me no more than 20 mins to come up with the melody line and lyrics.

6, Where would you most like to perform?

God, i have performed all over the world but at the moment my passion i would love and intend to perform in Nigeria. Using music as a platform to help raise awareness of how traumatic Cancer is. The lack of facilities in Nigeria all over Africa. The hospitals are not equipped the lack of working Radiotherapy Machines back home.
The plan is to perform there and use music to help make a change back home
Music and sports are powerful tools crazy as it sounds i would love to have my own football team…Getting the youths of the streets .To perform at the biggest stadium in Nigeria bringing all together for a great cause.
An Evening with Nigerian Recording Artist Carol Jiani at the Hard Rock Cafe Lagos..too hahaha

7, What’s next for you?

I have so much going on at the moment i am lucky. I have four singles ready to be released and also collaborating with other Artists also.
On the 23rd of Feb my single is being released in Canada ..World Wide also.
“ A DEEPER LOVE” Phoenix Lord Feat. Carol Jiani . Disque Lachapelle Recods. Canada


Track “NO MORE” Carol Jiani Feat Capital Edge.

Jiani Records UK / Nigeria

Track “FEEL IT” Germany March release. Sounds United Germany.

I am looking forward to touring and using the platform to help make a change and let our people know their rights.
Healthcare is a priority back in Nigeria /Africa.
I am so grateful to the UK things we take for granted when my son was fighting cancer. The NHS the support from friends fans everyone thanks .

We need to make sure that we equip the hospitals God the list is vast.

One day i plan to launch my own Record Label and recording studio…Campaign for 24/7 electricity.
The list is vast get the youths of the streets so many young talented wasting away….thank you so much for a great interview and looking forward to Part 2.

Basebaba Global Media Thank you.

Carol Jiani

Music: Jaypath ft. LMD – Daddy Yin O (Produced by RexxiepondaBeat) @jaypathabiola

Abiola Music frontliner ‘ JAYPATH ’ drops his much anticipated single ‘ DADDY YIN O !’. Which featured the fast rising rapper ‘ Akika LMD ‘ both of them shows off several sides to their artistic talent on this upbeat jam, The song is catchy, has a lit groove and will definitely be on repeat! The Beat was produced by RexxiepondaBeat
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Listen and Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD AUDIO Jaypath ft. LMD – Daddy Yin O


MUSIC: JTwarrior x OwnkidGraphix - Smoke Room Freestyle (Mixed by Zedicy)

Self acclaimed "Mak Town's Finest Rapper Alive' JTwarrior returns with a first effort for 2018 and he teams up with OwnkidGraphix for "Smoke Room freestyle'. The trap sound shows the versatility and flexibility of the two acts on this sound.

"Smoke Room Freestyle" was mixed by middle belt renowned sound engineer "Zedicy Tha Gifted"


Download Music: Virginberry - Street Party (Prod. By @virginberrybeat)

Anticipation has finally comes to an end here is a great club banging song from Virginberry,

Virginberry is an artist, a producer and a songwriter base in Port Harcourt and he is not letting go ever since he was introduced to the industry and he had made lot of records in the
industry. He titled this one “street party

A street party where there is no VIP, the song is a banger and also one of the best hits out of 2018.

Listen and Download Street Party By virginberry: 



UK /NIGERIAN Afrobeat artist comes back with a Bang to serenade his female fans. guys will surely add their play list too to play to their loved ones.

Music : Haaj Silver – Aye O Le | @Haaj_Silver

The young Afro pop rising star (Haaj Silver) has decided to drop a new song titled Aye o Le due to the current situation and issues faced by individual in the country (Nigeria) with the hope or intention of using his new song (Aye O Le) to draw the attention of everyone to the truth and reality of life with the aim of touching every listener positively

Music: Kennihgee ft Bomb - Monday to Friday | @Kennihgee @lightheaddove

 It’s another plus for "KENNIHGEE" in this New Year! Amid the release of his energetic single “Jam It“. The independent and talented rapper teams up with Lagos based singer, song writer and music producer, "BOMB" on the new single titled "Monday to Friday".

This song is definitely a hit and once you hear it am sure you will agree. Song produced by BOMBZANGAGOLOBA himself. This tune is definitely going to have Music lovers, Radio stations and Dj’s asking for more.

Download and Enjoy "Kennihgee - Monday to Friday" Below:

Nigerian Startup Becomes A Finalist At The 2018 Harvard Business School New Venture Competition

Nigeria's digital publisher, Publiseer, has been announced as one of the 14 finalists of the 2018 Harvard Business School's New Venture Competition, taking place in Boston, MA, United States, on March 2, 2018. The Africa Business Club at Harvard Business School will be hosting the competition to showcase the diversity of entrepreneurs making a difference on the continent today. The competition will be held along with the 20th Africa Business Conference under the theme “Values And Value-Chains: Africa In A New Global Era". 

From the pool of applications, 14 finalists have been invited to pitch their business in front of approximately 700 attendees and receive feedback from a panel of experienced judges. The judges include Samuel Alemayehu of Cambridge Industries, Steven Koltai of Koltai & Company, and Josh Sandler of Lori Systems. The winner and the runner-up of the competition will be awarded cash prices of $10,000 and $5,000 respectively.

Publiseer and other finalists will have the opportunity to participate in the Startup Lab, a workshop for early-stage entrepreneurs to solicit advice from conference participants. Conference participants and Harvard Business School faculty and students with experience in strategy, operations, finance, and other relevant business fields will be recruited to engage with the entrepreneurs and help them ideate and solve their problems. 

Publiseer is a digital publishing platform for independent Nigerian authors and artistes. The platform distributes and monetizes the creative works of Nigerian writers and musicians worldwide. With over 130 writers and musicians under Publiseer, Publiseer is one of the largest independent digital publishers in Africa.

Photo: 2018 Conference Co-Chairs: Afua Ahwoi & Aminata Ly

BO Entertainment ft. Ben Anansi, Pixie, Chidokeyz, Sammiecolt & Elveektor – Monkey Leave Banana

Monkey Leave Banana by Ben Anansi, Pixie, Chidokeyz, Sammiecolt & Elveektor is a song made with the purpose of calling the Nigerian leaders to order as regard to some certain corruption issues that is plaguing the country.

This youthful outcry first came to light when a funny freestyle video by the artistes involved surfaced on Instagram.

The song produced by JahBoy is filled with heavy and deep lyrics inspired by the rumor that monkeys carted away with 70million naira belonging to a certain senate forum in Nigeria.

Download and share your thoughts to this talented rhythm under coutersy of BO Entertainment. Follow @Boent_intl, @Ben_anansi, @pixieyemi @chidokeyzdavid, @sammiecolt and @elveektor


Download Music: Asuwa Dede ft Flavour & Zoro – Ikwere

Asuwa Dede has released his long awaited single “Ikwere”, enlisting the assistance of the self acclaimed Ijele – Flavour and indigenous rapper Zoro. The song incorporates a unique blend of Afro-pop and Highlife.

The Trio did well to deliver soothing lyrics to the melodious Mid-tempo instrumental provided by Max D, Mix and Mastered by Jay Stunt.

This is definitely a wildfire jam, Enjoy it below.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Failure pushed me into becoming online comedian – Omo Ibadan

Adeyela Adebola, aka Omo Ibadan, is a rising star known for her funny skits. In this chat with TOFARATI IGE, she speaks about her career and many other issues

What motivated you to start comedy skits?

It is often said that boredom precedes moments of great creativity. It all started when I was denied admission to study Microbiology at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. My name was removed from the admission list and I don’t know why that happened till date. I was at home alone and different thoughts started coming to me. I decided to put them into skits and that was how I started uploading comedy skits online. In a way, it was failure and setback that pushed me into becoming an online comedian. However, I have always been a carefree and playful person. Before I started uploading skits on Instagram, I had a lot of fans on Facebook who always liked to see my updates because they were usually hilarious. That’s why people were not really surprised when I started doing video skits because they knew that I have always been funny.

When exactly did you start uploading video skits?

I started around May 2017. On the particular day I started, I was at home and I suddenly had an idea to post an update on Facebook but I felt it would be better if I did it in video format so that people would really understand the message I wanted to pass across. I asked my elder brother to help me shoot the video and I uploaded it online. The joke was about how girls from different states, including Ibadan, sleep.

Which schools did you attend?

I attended the School of Science, Ile-Ife, Osun State, for my post-elementary education. I also attended the Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Osun State, where I bagged an Ordinary National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology. Right now, I am a student of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, for my Higher National Diploma in Microbiology.

What were your childhood ambitions?

As a child, I wanted to become a medical doctor. I have always wanted to make people happy. I wanted to keep people alive by finding cures to diseases and other things. That was the major reason I wanted to become a doctor; so I could save lives. Now that I am a comedian, I feel I am still in line with my goals because I make people happy with what I do; and it is often said that laughter is the best medicine.

Do you also perform stand-up comedy?

Yes, I do. However my style of stand-up comedy is more like stage drama; it is similar to what I do in my videos with the coaching centre theme. In that case, the audience would be the students and everybody would have fun.

Did you enjoy the support of your parents when you started your comedy career?

Yes, they offered me their full support. I believe that I am lucky for having parents like mine. I actually started my entertainment career with music and I have recorded a lot of songs. I recall that my father always wanted to hear my songs first. He used to call me even when I was in the studio to encourage me. Both my dad and mum always share my comedy skits with their friends. I really appreciate them.

What are some of the memorable experiences of your childhood?

I didn’t grow up in an expensive neighbourhood; though it wasn’t also a ghetto. There were a lot of children in the compound where I grew up and we used to play a lot. My nickname as a child was Sibi Onike (plastic spoon) and I would tell you the story behind it. Whenever it was time to go to school, I always found one reason or the other why I could not go because I hated school as a kid. I used to cry whenever they wanted to take me to school and I would tell my mum that I wanted plastic spoon, and whenever she gave me that, I would tell her that I wanted an iron spoon. Even when she gave me the iron spoon, I would reject it again and say I wanted plastic spoon. I also had another nickname, Bola on the mango tree. I remember that my mum bought me a dress with the inscription, ‘Bom’ and the elderly ones around used to joke that the Bom was an abbreviation for Bola on the mango tree. I had a lot of fun as a child and sometimes, I wish I could go back to being a kid.

Are you based in Ibadan?

I wouldn’t say yes or no. These days, I spend more time in Ibadan though I am based in Ile-Ife because that is where my parents live.

What skit led to your breakthrough?

It was the one titled, I109-attention. It was the first coaching centre skit that led to my breakthrough. When I recorded that skit, I was on the sick bed and I uploaded it on Facebook. Right from the hospital, I saw that the skit had gone viral. Some patients in the hospital were watching the skit and I was quite amazed. When I logged in to Instagram, I saw that the skit had also been shared on that platform several times.

What are the most memorable times of your career?

I believe that every day is memorable. I don’t think that there is any day that is more special than the rest.

What has been the most embarrassing moment in your career?

I don’t think I have experienced any form of embarrassment since I started my comedy skits. However, an incident happened the first day I was invited to compere a wedding reception but I don’t want to talk about it because of the people involved.

Some people think that you truly cannot speak English language well. Is that true?

It is true that I cannot speak English well; it is not my mother tongue (laughs). Seriously though, I can speak English and I can communicate well. My accent in the comedy skits is part of the act.

How do you get inspiration for your skits?

I am more creative when I am alone. However, I get ideas from almost everything around me but I need to be alone to build on the ideas. At times, when I discuss with my friends and family, I pick some ideas from our conversations and develop them into skits.

Some people also feel that you portray Ibadan people as ‘local’. Do you agree with that?

No, I don’t portray Ibadan people as being local. I love the accent of Ibadan people and I think I am just trying to promote it, not denigrate it. If anybody says that I am portraying Ibadan people as being local, then it means I am also local. If I could mimic any other language or accent, I would also use it for comedy.

How often do you advertise for people?

I do that quite a lot these days. However, I always give my clients specific time frames that their adverts would be done so that I don’t put too much pressure on myself and also bombard my fans with adverts.

Do you do other jobs apart from comedy?

I don’t have other jobs apart from comedy because I am still a student. However, I have several other interests apart from comedy. I am a singer and writer. As a matter of fact, I discovered my comedy talent through writing. Through my writings on social media, I have met several intellectual people, including professors, that I never thought I would have the opportunity of meeting.

What do you hope to achieve with your career?

I have a lot of plans. I always pray that God shouldn’t just bless me; He should make me a blessing to my generation. I want to impact lives. I don’t want something that would impact me alone.

What are your hobbies?

I like to play. Even when I meet people for the first time, I relate with them as if I had known them for years. I also love reading and dancing. I love books that inspire me and lift my spirit. Then, I like to be alone and in those moments, I write a lot.

Are you in a relationship at the moment?

No, I am not.

What are the ideal qualities you like in a man?

I don’t really have a list of ideal qualities but I love dark and intelligent guys; a man with a cool personality. I don’t get carried away by material things; so I don’t care whether you are rich or not. Once I believe in you and you believe in my dreams as well, then, we are ready to go.

How do you like to dress?

I love dressing like a boy. I usually turn out in shirts, trousers and sneakers. My favourite fashion items are sneakers and other shoes. I can spend any amount on them.

My fight with Wizkid helped me to be better – Saeon

Singer, Oluwaseun Oni, aka Saeon, has been off the scene for a while but many wouldn’t forget in a hurry, her spat with Wizkid, which culminated in the Starboy singer threatening to beat her up.

However, in a recent chat with Saeon, she hinted that she has since moved on. Responding to a question on whether she has forgiven Wizkid, she said, “One of the reasons I decided to title my latest single as Rebirth is because I have come to realise that many things we go through in life are meant to teach us lessons which shape us for the better and I believe everything that has happened – none of which I regret – has led me to this point.”

On what led to her absence from the industry, Saeon stated, “I had a tough but interesting 2017. I lost my dad midway through the year and I kept a low profile afterwards because he was dear to me. He inspired my love for songwriting and music generally. He was my number one supporter; so, losing him felt like I had lost a huge part of me. I had to take time to process it and to be with my family. I’m happy to be back to work and I know he would want me to forge ahead and keep following my dreams.”

Maintaining that she still has what it takes to hold her own in the industry, Saeon said, “I don’t do what I do to compete. I make music to fulfill my purpose. I make music to inspire, reform and connect people. I make music for arts and culture. I make music for the people.”

Why I signed mother of two – Harrysong

Harrison Tare Okiri, better known as Harrysong, has been questioned for signing Lami Phillips, a mother of two, to his record company, Altetplate Music.

However, while speaking with Sunday Scoop, Harrysong said music had nothing to do with age and that he was convinced of Phillips’ talent. He explained, “She is full of talent and she does good music. If an artiste understands music, it will be easier for one to relate to him or her. It is not about the age; it is about what she has to offer. Her music relates to people of different ages.

“Don’t forget that I am also a songwriter too. I saw something special in her and I believe it is something that every other person will enjoy too. 2Baba is an older artiste, but we still enjoy his music.”

Revealing his plans to sign more artistes, Harrysong stated, “We will still sign songwriters and producers as well because we want to give people behind the scenes an opportunity. We have signed Lami and we are unveiling her soon. We have two other artistes we plan to unveil too. One of the artistes is less than 20 years old and he can produce and sing.

“We look at the ability of an individual, not the age. Do you know how many young people that have sent in their songs and I didn’t like them? They will tell you they can sing, but cannot deliver. If you see an older person who is doing well, it will be unwise to ignore her. We are a music company; it is about the music first before the business.”

Davido shuts down London again, kicks off N30 billion UK tour

Nigeria’s pop star, Davido has kicked off his N30 billion UK tour with a sold out show at the Athena in Leicester, Englad days back.

Davido, who described the success of the London show as the mercy of God, said when he looked at his career and how far he had come with his music, he knew it was God all the way.

The show, put together by Smade Entertainment, came in splendid fashion with more 1,200 fans in attendance.

Davido, who had promised to deliver an energetic music performance, did not let his fans down with his impressive repertoire of hit songs.

The six-leg tour will visit Birmingham, Durblin, London, Manchester and Hertfordshire in the coming days.

Davido, who dropped his first song of the year, Flora my Flawa said he had no problem dropping more hit songs as the year unfolds, adding that, “by now, the whole knows that I have no problem with dropping hit songs. I have nothing to prove to anyone who still believes Davido will have problem dropping hit songs this year.”

Davido, at the headquarters of Colombia days back, announced to the world that his hit songs IF is officially Diamond and Fall is officially Platinum in sales, a development that ranks him as Africa’s most bankable artiste.

Speaking on the cheering news, OBO as he’s fondly thanked his team for making the dream come true.

“My trophy finally came in as well. God is real. Thank you guys for making this happen. We are just getting started. Bless to my team,” he said.

Krizbeatz shoots Give Dem video

One of Africa’s biggest music producers, Krizbeatz, seems to be upping his game by the day with new projects that suggest that he intends to finally push his career to the next level.

One of such new moves is the shooting of the video for another song off his Afro dance music album, Give Dem which featured Lil Kesh, Emma Nyra, and Victoria Kimani from Kenya.

Krizbeatz dropped the much-talked about ADM album last year and has reportedly sold more than a million copies three months after its release.

The video was directed by genius cinematographer Mr.C of Cardoso Imagery Production.

One of the most sought after music video directors whose works speak volume.

Speaking with R on the decision to shoot the new video, krizbeatz said  he decided to shoot the video to further market the ADM album.

According to him, the album has sold more than a million copies three months after its release digitally. He further stated his intention to shoot all songs in the album to maximise the potential of the body of work, as people no longer appreciate songs without a visual interpretation.

Photos of Highly Expensive Dress Nigerian Actress, Omotola Wore On Her Birthday

It is reported that everything about mother of four, Omotola Jalaade Ekeinde reeks of class, beauty and almost perfection. This is what the happily married woman showed on her birthday with adequate support from her husband who is a successful pilot.

The beautiful photos of the expensive dress she rocked on her birthday have emerged with social media users talking about it. The price of the dress is presently unknown but rumours have it that it is certainly not cheap several thousands of naira.
Reports have it that Omotola fondly regarded as Omo Sexy expended millions of naira on her birthday which was graced by dignitaries all over Nigeria.
See more photos:

More Pics Below

Pump Action Rifle Owners In Lagos Get 2-Weeks Ultimatum to Re-Validate License

The Lagos Command of the Nigeria Police Force has given individuals with‘pump action firearm’  and other guns two weeks ultimatum to submit their arms, licenses for verification and re-validation.

Chike Oti, spokesperson for the Command said this in a statement released on Friday.
He added that the  exercise became necessary because of security challenges in the country.

“Those issued with licence to bear pump action firearm or other repeating firearm operated by a slide action mechanism, by the Lagos State Police Command Firearms Registry(D7), are to submit their weapons and Licences to the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the closest Police Station for verification, confirmation and revalidation.

 “The move is to enable the command update its data base with information about the owners, licences, and state of the firearms. “The owners of these firearms types are given two weeks grace period from the date of this publication (Feb. 24) to ready themselves for the exercise which will last till March 29.

 “The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, enjoins all licenced gun owners to take advantage of this revalidation programme as firearms found in the possession of anybody or group who did not participate in the exercise would be deemed as illegitimate.

 “Such an individual or group would be arrested and charged for unlawful possession of firearm(s) in accordance with the provisions of Prohibited Firearms Act 2004, Laws of the Federation.”

Top Boko Haram Leader Captured By Nigerian Army While Hiding In Sambisa Forest - Photos

Troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE currently on Operation DEEP PUNCH II which is aimed at clearance of the remnants of Boko Haram terrorists within Sambisa forest and Lake Chad basin general area, have continued to record successes. The troops have been launching offensive operations on suspected hideouts of the terrorists that kept the insurgents on the run.
Two days ago, on Thursday 22nd February 2018, suspected Boko Harm terrorists attempting to escape through one of the blocking positions of the troops, paid dearly as quite a number of them were neutralized. In an ambush that lasted for less than 20 minutes near Sabil Huda, the troops recovered a G3 Rifle magazine, 1 Life jacket, a Light Machine Gun metal link, 4 rounds of anti-Aircraft ammunition, 4 rounds of 7.62mm (NATO) ammunition and 3 rounds of 7.62mm (Special) ammunition. Unfortunately, 2 soldiers were injured in the process. They have since been evacuated by the Nigerian Air Force and are responding to treatment.
Buoyed with the success and information obtained, the troops yesterday Friday 23rd February 2018, embarked on offensive operations on suspected Boko Haram terrorists hideout ahead of Camp Zairo within Sambisa forest. Unfortunately however, they encountered an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that affected one of their Armoured Fighting Vehicle. Undeterred, they continued with the offensive action in which they cleared suspected Boko Haram terrorists hideout around Parisu. 
During the clearance, they also neutralized 5 Boko Haram terrorists and wounded several others. The troops recovered a 122 millimetre gun mounted on a truck that also has an Anti-aircraft gun on it, 1 Rocket Propelled Grenade, 1 Grenade Revolver, 7 Mortar Bombs and other assorted weapons. While advancing, the troops also encountered and recovered 2 Toyota Hilux vehicles, 3 Power generating sets, 2 Motorcycles, additional Mortar bombs, Gas cylinders and the Boko Haram terrorists Metal fabrication factory replete with varying machines for welding and making IEDs.
While on the offensive in other parts, the troops of 151 Battalion in conjunction with 7 Division Support Group also embarked on clearance offensive against Boko Haram terrorists hideouts around Frigi crossing point and Izza general area. The gallant troops discovered and destroyed 9 Boko Haram terrorists hideouts.

Although the number of Boko Haram terrorists neutralized could not be ascertained, it is believed to be quite sizeable, while one of their leaders was captured. The troops rescued an old man and 3 elderly women in one of the hideouts.

The troops also recovered 1 Motorcycle with 10 Bicycle tyres, a bicycle, 3 Boko Haram flags, 1 Solar panel, 5 drums of Guinea corn, 2 medium size mattresses, 2 Grinding machines, 3 bags of metal scraps, 2 Motorcycle tyres and 2 underground food Storages. They also recovered one AK-47 Rifle Magazine, 1 dummy Rifle, a round of 12.7mm ammunition, 12 empty cases of 7.62mm ammunition, 2 bicycles, large quantity of IED making materials and a tool box. The Air Task Force of Operation LAFIYA DOLE provided air cover for the Land troops throughout the conduct of the operations.

Please disseminate this information to the general public through your news medium. Colonel Onyema Nwachukwu Deputy Director Public Relations Theatre Command operation Lafiya Dole

See Beautiful ‘Wedding Picture’ Of Nigerian Blogger, Linda Ikeji

Thatfunnyprince aka Hyenana who describes himself as a ‘Spontaneous Comedian’ has not hidden his admiration of Linda Ikeji who has been openly seeking a future partner in futility over the years.
Three days ago, the comic artiste shared a photoshopped wedding photo of himself and Linda and he went as far as tagging her with the caption below:
“Woke Up to This.. @officiallindaikeji u are the best Gift any Heaven-plated man could wish for, u are intelligent, hardworking, A perfect pathfinder to those with great Aspiration & A positive force to Recon with Globally­čŚ║.. We All Have dreams , Thank God mine is coming tru Virtually. #LINDANANA2018 Artwork by @harbeolarkeedoh (chai i pray ur wisdom wont kill u bro) #blackpanther”
Linda’s brother – Peks Ikeji is not finding the joke funny at all as he as taken to his Instagram page to shade Hyenana in a cryptic message.

Sharing the picture of a hyena, he said; “This is the only hyena I know, any other one is looking for a cheap fame”. Meanwhile, Linda Ikeji. 37 has refused to respond to the fake wedding photograph in question.

Army Captures Top Boko Haram Commander, Kill 5, 2 Soldiers Injured

Troops in Borno killed five Boko Haram insurgents and captured a top commander of the group in the ongoing operation in Sambisa Forest and the Lake Chad basin, the army said.

Onyeama Nwachukwu, a colonel and Deputy Director, Army Public Relations of Operation Lafiya Dole, in a statement in Maiduguri, said troops also rescued three civilians, recovered vehicles and high calibre ammunition in various operations in the past two days.

Mr. Nwachukwu said on Thursday, the troops engaged and neutralised a number of fleeing insurgents while attempting to escape the military blocking position in one of the cleared enclaves ‘Sabil-Huda’, deep in Sambisa Forest.

He said the troops also recovered one G-III rifle magazine, one life jacket, a light Machine Gun metal link, four rounds of Anti-Aircraft ammunition, four rounds of 7.62mm (NATO) ammunition and three rounds of 7.62mm (Special) ammunition.

“Unfortunately, two soldiers were injured in the process; they had been evacuated by the Nigerian Air Force and are responding to treatment,” he said.

Mr. Nwachukwu said the troops on Friday launched offensive targeting a terrorist’s hideouts up ‘CAMP ZAIRO’, and neutralised a number of insurgents in spite of initial damage caused to their Armoured Fighting Vehicle by Improvise Explosive Device (IED) planted beneath the ground.

 He said the troops killed five insurgents, wounded several others and recovered ammunition at a hideout in Parisu, Sambisa Forest. Mr. Nwachukwu disclosed that troops of 151 Battalion in conjunction with “7 Division Support Group’ have also cleared nine terrorists’ hideouts along Frigi-Izza area.

The director added that the troops also recovered one motorcycle, two bicycles, 10 bicycle tyres, one bicycle, three Boko Haram flags, a solar panel, five drums filled with grain, two mattresses, two grinding machines, three bags of metal scraps, two motorcycle tyres and two underground grain silos. Also recovered are one AK-47 Rifle Magazine, 1 dummy rifle, a round of 12.7mm ammunition, 12 empty cases of 7.62mm ammunition, assorted IED materials and a tool box.

 According to him, the Air Task Force of Operation LAFIYA DOLE provided air cover for the land troops in the conduct of the operations.


Boko Haram Member Seeks God’s Forgiveness For Kidnapping Chibok Girls (Photo)

Abubakar confessed to being one of the brains behind the kidnap of over 200 girls at a girls secondary school in Chibok, Borno state.

Abdulkadir Abubakar, a leader in the Abubakar Shekau led Boko Haram, has said he’s seeking God’s forgiveness after repenting from killing and kidnapping innocent Nigerians.

Abubakar, who is in detention at a military facility, was arrested at Buni Yadi when he allegedly went on an espionage mission ahead of the insurgents’ plot to attack the commander of the Special Force Training School.

TheCable reports that Abubakar confessed to being one of the brains behind the kidnap of over 200 girls at a girls secondary school in Chibok, Borno state as well as the Buni Yadi massacre of secondary school students.

Abdulkadir Abubakar’s confession
Abubakar claims to have repented saying since he had sought forgiveness from God, he believes his sins and atrocities will be forgiven.

Narrating some of his crimes, Abubakar said, “Myself and two other Boko Haram commanders, Abu Fatima and Paper, led most of the attacks on schools in Yobe between 2013 and 2014.

“We were also the ones behind the abduction of students at Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok. We also carried out attacks on schools in Potiskum, Mamudo, Damagun, Wagir and Ngarzarma, all in Yobe state.

“I wholeheartedly regret my actions and hope the Almighty Allah will forgive me. Allah said he will forgive whoever repents and asks him for forgiveness.

I have repented and seek forgiveness.” Abubakar also claimed that Shekau ordered attacks on schools, mosques, churches and markets, and also ordered abduction and rape.

Two Cultists Nabbed On Their Way To Wreck Havoc In Port-Harcourt University.PICS

Two suspected cultists/armed robbers were arrested during a stop and search operation by officers of the Nigeria Police force in Rivers state. The alleged hoodlums were apprehended on their way to wreck havoc in Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumuolumeni area of Port-Harcourt, the state capital. Some locally made pistols and bullets were said to have been recovered fro them.

The suspects are currently helping the police with investigation.

Pics Below

Nigerian Musician Dies While Performing On Stage In Anambra (Graphic Pics)

This is sad. A musician was said to have died while performing on stage. According to reports, the deceased identified as Chinedu Iwozor and said to be the leader of 7stars international band passed away after collapsing on stage during a performance.

The prominent Igbo singer was also a member of the Iheoma Adighi Agwu Agwu musical group.

May his soul rest in peace.

See Pics Below

I Am Sweet In Bed – John Okafor ‘Mr Ibu’ Brags

Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor popularly known as Mr. Ibu is bragging about his s*x game in his latest interview.
The actor in a chat with Inside Nollywood said he is actually sweet in bed and can satisfy any woman.
In his words: “Persistence and true spirit of sportsmanship have kept me on. Aside that, I’m also sweet in bed, I am good and very proud of myself. Try me and you will be amazed.

I deliver very well. I can drive women crazy. People keep asking the secret of my good looks, but the fact remains that I don’t take alcohol or sugary drinks. I don’t smoke.

I also don’t take carbohydrates. I live on vegetables and smoothies. All these keep me going and looking very healthy,” he said.

I Knew The Songs Were Bad – Jim Iyke

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke has shared his reason for his brief foray into the music industry several years ago.
Iyke had in 2009 released “Who Am I” featuring 2Baba, and in 2010 followed up with “Born to Do This” featuring Puffy T.

In an interview with Punch, Iyke described his music career as “non-existent.”

He knew he had no talent in music, he said, but wanted to know how the industry worked. He said:
My music career is non-existent. My mentor in business once told me that the biggest investment you can ever have is yourself; don’t ever go into a venture that you don’t understand.

I was interested in music and like everything else that I have foresight for, I saw where the career was going. I knew I did not know how to sing but I wanted to invest in the business, so I decided to try my luck. I did it so that no one would ever tell me that I did not try or I do not know anything about music.

Jim Iyke went on to admit that he knew his songs were bad. He went on to question the number of talents present in the industry at the moment.

Most of the less talented ones are far ahead of the more talented ones, he said. Of course, I knew the songs were bad; I am my greatest critic. I had to put some ‘swag’ into the songs that featured Tuface to sing one or two lines. To be honest, how many true talents are in the industry at the moment? Most of the less talented ones are getting far ahead of the talented ones.

It is not about having talent but understanding the business and project what works for you. It is all about the way you ‘package’ it and sell it to the world; that is all. I can name a few terrible artistes but they are getting way ahead of the gifted ones. It is because they understand show business; I understand show business.

Download Music: Sugarboy – Chop ft. Ycee

Coming back with the sauce, G-Worldwide Entertainment’s superstar Sugarboy makes his 2018 debut with the release of the irresistible single ‘Chop’.

The new single features Nigeria’s prominent rapper, Ycee, and together they bring on a new sound, new style, and just the right vibe to improve your playlist, as well as serve as a dance tonic.

‘Chop’ is an Afro-fusion record produced by Princeton, which has elements of House and Highlife, blended together in the most syrupy way, Sugarboy layers some of the most romantic lines, describing his love interest. Ycee comes in with extra dynamism on his verse.

This is the record you have been waiting for. Check it out, listen, download and share.


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