Wednesday, 25 January 2017

PHOTOS: Graduate Who Dumps Her Career To Make Money Flaunting Her Butt Online

She ended up with a much bigger behind than she expected, but the Internet star is now able to use her sizeable assets to her benefit.

Speaking on her entrepreneurial endeavour, the economics graduate said: "One thing that I did learn in economics is that it's about having a product that people want - and my product is myself right now.

"I want to show men, women, and children that it is possible to be beautiful, smart, and have a big ass."

Courtney, also known as Miss Miami, initially decided to have the illegal silicone injections after working as a dancer whilst studying.

She admired the curvaceous figures of other dancers and decided to enhance her own bottom using the dangerous black-market methods.

Courtney, who was a regular on the Miami club scene, quickly became renowned for her sixty-inch bottom.

And after pictures of her began to go viral, Courtney decided to monetize her online fame.

Now Courtney has 379,000 Instagram followers and is a successful model and cam-girl. But despite her lucrative earnings, Courtney says her huge posterior means that people don't take her seriously and over-sexualise her.



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